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Content Creator and Event Host

Welcome to the writing house of Stories Ink, a content creation and event hosting business.

At Stories Ink, we strive to connect and inspire through the power of ‘human-led’ storytelling.

Your ‘brand story’ needs a cohesive narrative, must inspire an emotional response (or reaction), needs to capture and engage your audience’s attention, and must build lasting connections that foster loyalty.

Sound like your mission? Great plan – let’s get started and see how we can set your brand apart.

For starters, Stories Ink will work closely with you – and your team – to ascertain your goals – eagerly wear the strategy hat – and then quickly deliver creative content that aligns with your brand and caters to your ‘storytelling’ needs and aspirations.

So, before we begin, want more juicy insights about me? Check out the website to get a sneak peek about my writing journey.

” No content marketing job – or content creation – is off the charts – too big or too small – and it requires expert storytelling that embodies the ‘facts and feelings’ of your brand. ”

Content Creation/Writing

Event Host & Moderator

What our clients have to say…

An influencer before influencers were a thing, Jennifer O’Brien is a powerful journalist with thousands of articles published across a host of titles.  Over the past 20 years, she’s become a driving force in the ICT communication industry, the brains behind the CIO50 IT leadership program, ARN’s Women in ICT awards, and the ARN ICT Awards to name a few.   I would highly recommend Jennifer for her writing skills and as an emcee with an engaging presentation style – she has an amazing ability to connect with business audiences.

Leila Henderson

Founder & CEO, NewsMaker

How would I describe her? Jennifer is a gifted content writer and insightful journalist, who captures the essence of the people she interviews, the places she reveals, and the nuances of the stories she tells. Through her colourful word imagery and skilful storytelling, she connects, delights and engages her audience. In a nutshell, she’s a proven wordsmith that can tackle any subject matter – create and present any content style – and has a definite way with words.

Ben Donaldson

Partner, SAU Digital Australia