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Every piece of content should tell a story, from simple lines of newsletter text to a meaty ‘special report’ (aka whitepaper) or long-tail feature articles.  

Your ‘brand story’ needs a cohesive narrative, must inspire an emotional response (or reaction) and needs to capture your audience’s attention.

Let’s face it: No content marketing job – or content creation – is off the charts – too big or too small – and it requires expert storytelling that embodies the ‘facts and feelings’ of your brand.

I’ve written it all – presented it all – and can provide you with creativity and original storytelling for all your corporate content marketing needs.  

Read more about my ‘Content Creation/Writing’ and ‘Event Host and Moderator’ Services on offer.

” No content marketing job – or content creation – is off the charts – too big or too small – and it requires expert storytelling that embodies the ‘facts and feelings’ of your brand. ”


Storytelling comes in many forms, many styles, and evokes powerful emotions.

Indeed, a ‘good story’ conveys powerful messages, motivates and inspires your audience, and makes them care.  What’s more, compelling stories stimulate imaginations and gives people a sense of commonality and community.

I’ve been in ‘love’ with stories – and the ‘art of storytelling’ – since childhood. So, naturally, I’ve dedicated my adult life to writing stories – honing my craft in the world of journalism – and now ‘at your service’ as a content creator to provide a vast array of content creation services and corporate content marketing.

Here’s a quick sample of some of the content creation services on offer, but get in touch if you want something more!

Case Studies; Whitepapers; Interviews/Blogs/Opinions; Feature Articles; Thought Leadership Articles; Fireside Chats; Q&A Articles; Press Releases; Script Writing for all (Events; Panels; Conferences; Podcasts, Webinars, Presentations, Videos); Website Content Creation; Content for Landing Pages; Synopsis (Website, Podcast, Videos); Ghost Writing; Email Newsletter Text; E-Books; Magazine Articles; How To Pieces; Did You Know; Profile Articles; Editorials; Proofreading/Editing;  Tip Sheets; Videos; EDMs; Social Media; Infographic Text (with design); Snackable Spin-off Content; and Whatever Content you Require – Or Anything Else Your Imagination Concocts!

What our clients have to say…

“Jennifer is a pleasure to work with. She consistently exceeds expectations and brings high levels of professionalism, passion, and dedication to each project. We have worked with her for multiple events, from roundtables to panel discussions, and she always delivers. Thank you, Jennifer. We look forward to working with you again!”

Isabelle Sherbon (International Marketing Manager) and Kamila Hutchison (Head of Marketing APAC)

CHG-Meridian Australia

I’ve worked with Jen for over 4 years, on client content creation and custom events. She’s always been an absolute pleasure to deal with, while being completely professional. She covers very technical subjects, and the occasional testing client, with ease. The number of times I’ve had clients specifically request Jen, as their event host or content creator, is testament alone to the great energy she brings to work. I can’t recommend her enough!” 

Paul Sallesi

Senior Account Director APAC, S2W Media

“We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Jen at numerous summits and lunches over the past couple of years. Providing us with moderating and post event write ups services, Jen is really ahead of the competition in terms of her attention to detail and customer centricity. Forefront Events look forward to working with Jen on future projects.” 

Samuel Clist

Co-Founder and Director , Forefront Events