Identity Security: Key to Organisational Resilience and Efficiency

In the dynamic realm of digital business operations, identity security emerges as a vital element of organisational resilience.

“Investing in identity security not only enhances cybersecurity posture, but also drives operational efficiency and productivity,” noted Ben Goodman, Okta’s senior vice-president and general manager of APJ, during a conversation with iTnews.

Goodman’s recent insights shared in a podcast shed light on the pivotal role of identity security in modern business frameworks.

Significantly, Goodman emphasised the concept of implementing “just enough friction to instill confidence” in security measures, ensuring robust protection without impeding productivity.

Undoubtedly, organisations grapple with defining this balance and in recognising that excessive restrictions could alienate employees and customers alike. Goodman highlights the challenge of determining the appropriate level of friction to align with cybersecurity best practices while empowering stakeholders.

“It’s not just about locking down every application; it’s about fostering collaboration and empowerment across the organisation.”

He also stressed that identity has dramatically evolved beyond its traditional role, becoming integral to various business functions across the Asia-Pacific-Japan (APJ) region. From employee connectivity to customer engagement, identity security has transitioned from a technological concern to a strategic imperative discussed at the highest levels of business decision-making.

“As organisations grow and diversify, identity security becomes the foundation of their strategic decisions,” he said. However, many businesses recognise the importance of identity security, but often lack the expertise to address associated challenges comprehensively.

One notable trend Goodman identified is the shift towards a “whole of business identity” approach, where identity permeates every aspect of organisational operations. Businesses across diverse sectors are grappling with similar identity-related challenges, driving the need for a comprehensive identity security strategy.

What’s more, Goodman emphasised the dynamic evolution of cybersecurity threats, urging a “paradigm shift” towards prioritising identity as the cornerstone of cybersecurity. He stressed the need for organisations to “move beyond perimeter-based security measures and instead leverage identity as the central focus,” enabling them to compartmentalise and effectively isolate security breaches.

In fact, he highlighted “passwordless technology as a transformative innovation” poised to enhance security and user experience.

“Passwordless technologies are emerging as a transformative trend in identity security,” he said. “These innovations are poised to revolutionise the way identities are protected, offering a seamless and robust alternative to traditional authentication methods.”

Meanwhile, education and governance were also emphasised as crucial areas of focus. Goodman stressed the importance of educating non-technical personnel and fostering board-level discussion on identity governance to ensure comprehensive security measures.

Additionally, Australia’s leadership in the digital identity landscape is another hot trend. Goodman commended the country’s initiatives in fostering trust and standardisation, setting a precedent for other regions to follow.

Reflecting on the future of identity security, Goodman said he envisions a landscape where ‘verifiable credentials’ play a central role in safeguarding individuals’ identities across digital platforms. He emphasised Okta’s commitment to innovation and collaboration in advancing identity security technologies to meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike.

Those are just some of the insights revealed in the iTnews podcast with Okta’s Ben Goodman. For further exploration of cybersecurity trends, deeper insights, and to learn more about Okta’s contributions to identity security, tune in to the full podcast.

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